Monday, February 13, 2012

Make that idea HAPPEN!

I just love it when I see an idea and then get the chance to actually do/make it right away - rather than getting it filed away in an ideas book that just gets thicker by the day.  I have always loved the look of terrariums, especially little ones in gorgeous jars. I love jars and have quite a collection, so when I was at the garden center on Sunday afternoon I knew exactly which jar I would use. I choose  a little asparagas fern, a small Frithia pulcha, 2 succulent/cacti from the Gasworthia and Pachyphytum species and surrounded them with Angel's tears.
My new Terrarium - The jar measures approximately 30cm high.
I have to say it was quite tricky planting the wee plants in such a small space, and did contemplate asking my 7yr old to poke her hand in to help. I just winged it and guessed how it was made - I think you are supposed to add a layer of moss after the rocks, but I couldn't find my bag of sphagnum moss so It might not stay looking so pretty once the soil settles in. I split the Asparagus fern up into a few plants and I have more white stones and mini succulents so I'll make another in one of my smaller vintage mason jars.
Close up of plants
And then after that we decided the move the massive table in for my desk - we have to move everything as its basically wall to wall! I LOVE IT... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! 2.5m of work space. Laptop and 'office' are on the left 1/3rd and then 2/3rds of space to work. This is my semi dry area, where small amounts of fiddly glazing are done, making jewellery, packaging and planning. My council cupboards are working out to be a DREAM. There is room for everything and no clutter. It feels like someone else's work space. Far too tidy ;-)
Moved the office desk into place - its a whopping 2.5m long!
 And to top it all off, we took the kids to the Chinese Lantern Festival in Hagley park last night. Unfortunately with wee ones it wasn't a late night and didn't get really dark, but they did really well hanging the lanterns under the huge trees and the kids loved it all.
Lanterns from the Chinese Lantern festival - 12/2/12 Hagley Park,  Christchurch

So, if you have an idea - do it now, get it started. It's so satisfying seeing it come into fruition. 

Right - off to unload the kiln x Gill


  1. I'd forgotten how cool terrariums are :-)

  2. They are cool! Can't believe I've never made one before.