Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thank You - Charity Donations

Just before the end of last week I made 3 amazing deposits to 3 different charities! If you an Emerge lover then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about! Over the last 7 months ( Since the launch date of 27th July 2011) my customers have been able to choose which of the 3 different charities they wanted me to donate 30% of the proceeds of their purchase to.

The 3 Charities are:

* The New Zealand Red Cross
* The Christchurch Earthquake Appeal
* Adopt a Christchurch Family

The Emerge range is made from liquefaction silt, collected from my home in Woolston. Here is a link to  the Emerge pieces which gives a great explanation about it all.

   Mudbird Emerge Range

So it is with great pleasure, to announce that with the help of all you lovely people from ALL over the world, we have raised very close to $3000 to give to these charities! That is amazing and also very humbling to think of all the support you have given my business as well along the way. I am still continuing to make the Emerge range, and still letting my customers choose their charity.

Thank you once again x Gill


  1. Thats wonderful Gill....what a blessing you have are and those organisations would have been thrilled to receive your donations :)

  2. That is absolutely fabulous Gill and so generous - congratulations on this excellent fundraising result :D