Friday, October 5, 2012

Everyone needs a creative break!

Although I wouldn't recommend surgery if you can help it, there is nothing like having a forced break to recharge your batteries.

These last 2 weeks have been the first time in over 2 years I have had a 'mental' break from work. How crazy is that?  Even when on holiday or camping etc, I'd still 'work' in my mind... always ticking over with Mudbird and thinking ahead with work, planning markets, designs and such - but when I wasn't actually physically able to work something happened!!

I sat and spent many an hour looking at lovely creative & fun ideas (I think you may have seen some of those on my last blog) and I have to say it really helped to re-charge creativity. I got my fix of crafty goodness as my eyes devoured blog after blog. Nothing ceramic related at all, in fact I never even came across any ceramic artists at all in my search. There is this great app called Stumble Upon and it just takes to you to random webpages, therefore giving you an opportunity to find things you might not in a normal google search!

I loved every minute.

Before Mudbird was born, I created everything under the sun. I made, sewed, built, photographed, soldered, painted, cooked, hand stitched, planted, assembled, constructed it all. You name it, I probably made it. Every year I designed some new product and usually my family where the 'lucky' recipients of those ideas for each Christmas. I have boxes of supplies left over from all the projects I did, I could probably open a craft shop! After Mudbird was born, clay was my creative outlet and I loved it... still LOVE it. 

But I have to say, seeing all these other lovely handcrafts really got me wanting to make more fun things. I know I can't do it all ( really? lol... ) and I'm not about to start another business but I do have a few ideas that I'd like to do. I went out and bought a few of the materials this week for my new EXCITING project and made a few prototypes. I then floated this idea past my lovely husband, who looked at me like I was a bit mad (not about the idea) and promptly asked me where I would acquire the extra time to make these ?!?!?

To which I replied... 
"Don't ask me about the time, I'm still going to make it - don't worry dear"... 
Him: "but you already have so much to do and catch up on (leading up to big markets)"..
Me: "Yes, but I can do it in my spare time?"
Him: "hmmmmm, what spare time?"
Me: "like when the kiln is firing, or clay is drying"
Him: "When are you going to rest?"
Me "Look, you can't stop me now, this idea is GREAT (and I'm going to make it)"
Him: "ok, well I don't want you to get to busy with another project that you run out of time"
Me: "Oh don't worry about that... that's how I LIVE baby!"

The conversation ended well, because my lovely husband knows me better than myself. Yes I'll get super busy and work till 2am, get a bit crazy, tired & cranky. and then get a boost of energy when I see the fruits of my labour! I'm the kinda gal that works under pressure. I never completed my homework till the night before! and although I DO plan now as a 'mature adult', I thrive on pressure and I always come through if I'm working to the beat of my own drum.

It's all to easy to get busy doing what you do and become SO focused you don't tend to stray. And of course when you have 3 children life gets even busier. My eldest is about to turn EIGHT and my time to make craft in my spare time has dwindled to zero. Sad eh? But I realize I need to make and do other things from time to time. I mean... I can't give Ceramics to my family every Christmas forever can I?

So my new "October" resolution ( why wait till New Years') is to make time to craft!

Here is a sneak peak of what my new project is constructed with. And I'm happy to report that while I was watching TV for a couple of hours (next to hubby on the couch) I whipped up the Flowers.. 

Therefore.. Making in my spare time! 
                       (insert slight smirk of "I told you so"!)

Grey & Red - Mmm mmm LOVE!

Seafoam & Charcoal... Yummy Colours!

All will be revealed in due time I promise. I have a couple of things to get to finish the project. *Spoiler alert to my Mum & Sister.. sorry!* And no.. there is no knitting required here!

So let's just all agree... my itch got scratched and I'm back on board - rearing to go!