Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thank you!

Well hello there... this is a long time coming.... trying to find the time to sit down and get this started. What better kick in the pants than a facebook fans & customer Thank you & Merry Christmas giveaway!

Here is a peak of what is on offer!

Adjustable green ring by on an antique bronze band & cute Cherry Brooch from Random little things

Hummingbird Coffee - I thought this was fantastic, made especially for the Re:START project in Cashel Mall, Christchurch. Money from each sale goes towards the new Court Theatre!

Also Mammalissa's Cocoa Butter... smells so good you'll be tempted to eat it! Cute wee labels from Mixing ink and the FANTASTIC Kiwi Diary from Kiwi diary

"The Kiwi Diary 2012 is a carefully curated 250 page window into Aotearoa's cultural soul. Containing all you need in a diary like a year planner and address book. Every page journeys through the collective New Zealand mind: with every page adorned with art, stories, environmental tips, recipes, music, quotes, jokes and mindfood, the inspiration cycle keeps flowing! The Kiwi Diary is Kiwi culture by the road-less travelled, and epitomises Aotearoa-style, plugging you into inspiration, entertainment and info on the good things in life, along with plenty of space for you to diarise the amazingness of 2012"

...and of course, my new Coral Leaf drop earrings available from and

I was the lucky recipient of some of these goodies from The Craft Collective raffle and so I want to pay it forward to someone at Christmas time and added a couple of my own designs. All these goodies total over $140!!! Sorry, this is only available for New Zealand addresses :-)

So why you ask... let me tell you...

It doesn’t seem that long ago when my baby boy turned 1, just a few months ago it seems, and I've just realised that Mudbird has officially turned 1. I remember making, making, making, as much as I could when I was heavily pregnant and wanting to be prepared to launch my Felt shop after he was born. Since then I've participated in about 10 markets, bought 2 kilns, endured over 14,000 aftershocks since the BIG Earthquake in September last year, lost lots of stock due to breakages and 3x caged trailer loads worth of personal belongings... all due to breakage and the dreaded silt which flooded into our storage garage & property and destroyed everything in its path twice, been interviewed in the Christchurch Press/Zest newspaper, launched a website & built a studio outside plus many other amazing things!

Funnily enough, my 1st Felt sale was a donation I made to ‘Felt like Helping Out’, a Felt store set up to raise money for the Red Cross Earthquake Appeal - since then I have made 100 sales which isn’t bad considering the difficulties I have faced this year- and the fact I work at home with my 1yr old with my eldest son just had his first term at school with his big sister (7).

It was this time last year I was in the middle of prepping for my 2nd Christmas market withThe Craft Collective in the lovely Poplar Lane area in Christchurch CBD. I had my 1st 2 markets there, right next to Julia from Relique Jewellery, who has helped me heaps over the year and fun to have markets next to. Sadly a lot of that area was lost in the 22nd February earthquake - but I've still got all the memories.

Big changes, big challenges and it really has been quite amazing! Also together with all you wonderful folk, we have also raised substantial amounts for the 3 Charities I chose to support through the sales of my Emerge Range.

So I’ve been reflecting on and realising the success of my brand – feels like it fell into my lap and it’s very humbling indeed, but in reality I have worked so very hard to get here. I’m usually up past midnight most nights, with the occasional 2am finish. 18 hour days have been tough, especially since I’m a full time Mum as well. I follow in my mother’s footsteps who is such a hard worker & has achieved so much in her lifetime, still achieving at 70! Next year will be a bit different, bit better planned out, studio times ‘booked’ in and markets spaced out (I mean who books four in a row without looking at a calendar!!) ;-)

So to say a HUGE Thank you for all your support & custom through my Felt shop, my Facebook page and my website I want to have this wee ‘Giveway’. it truly has been an amazing year in all aspects and I would not be here with out you all.

To be in to WIN... Enter your details by submitting your name and email address below under "view comments". Or if you prefer, you can email me at MUDBIRD and/or sign up to my newsletter here and just leave a comment below.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

xx Gill


  1. Congratulations on turning one :)

    That's such a gorgeous gift pack you've put together!!

    I've just signed up to your newsletter :)


  2. Wow what a beautiful gift pack!

    I've just signed up for the newsletter :)

  3. Love your work, congrats on turning 1!!

    Ive just signed up for your newsletter!

  4. Love my new earrings and all your work

  5. Great Post Gill. Your success didn't fall in your lap - you made it happen with your talent and your lovely products.

    What an eventful first year! Congrats to you!

    Keep up the wonderful work!


  6. Gill, you are such an inspiration! It also helps that you're the only other person I know who owns a kiln haha! I think you're fantastic, and love your work too :)

  7. Well done Gill and congratulations! I started Little Fritter this year when my daughter was born and i look forward to reaching the 1 year mark in April! xx holly (

  8. Kerry-Anne

  9. What a ride huh! It's been the best thing getting to know you through our markets. I look forward to many years later down the track reflecting on your even bigger success! Julia x

  10. Giarne -
    You make beautiful things!!! I either saw your gorgeous things on felt, at the felt market (in Our City Otautahi, I'm guessing its sadly gone), or on the craft collective fb site.

  11. Congratulations on your first year - what an achievement! Your work is just stunning. I've just recently celebrated my one year anniversary of my own little business - doesn't it feel great! x niki (

  12. Great post, and what a ride you've had this eventful year! Love my earrings... will get one of your lovely new rings next. Candy (

  13. I found your store on Felt a couple of weeks ago and I fell in love.... to put it mildly. I'm hoping to move into my own place soon and have my eye on your works for my new home :D I cant wait!!!

    Karyn (

  14. Hi Gill

    Crying reading your post. It really has been an Interesting year for us all. one that started so badly yet finished so awesomely! You should be sooo very proud of what you have overcome and achieved. I proudly showed of your designs to my Mum in law, in the Re:start mall the other day, just stunning work!!

    We are all praying that the next one is fulled witb sooo many better days!!

    Rachel Henderson

  15. Oh welcome to the world of blog. And what a great first post. I have also been juggling ceramics and markets etc with being a mama so I know how hard but rewarding it can be.
    I would love love love to win that lot of goodies.

    Kirsten of The Garden Wenches

  16. What a full and busy year! Congratulations on your success and turning 1!

  17. Congratulations Gill on reaching your 1st birthday! It certainly has been a hard year but amongst the rubble you have picked yourselves up and pressed forward! I'm looking forward to seeing you achieve all you want to achieve this coming year :)

  18. Thank you everyone for your entries, comment and emails - you are all very sweet! xx Gill

  19. Huge congratulations on turning 1- you are fabulous and it must feel so good to keep going even after all the devastation and loss. My wee girl was born 4 days after the sept quake so we're almost on the same baby-path lol. Its been scary but so worth it (not that I had a choice anyway!) raising a child throughout the quakes/shocks. Your wee dove is hanging so beautifully on my tree I will treasure it for a long time.

    Will subscribe to newsletter now.

    Suzi Chisholm

    Merry Christmas Gill and hope the NY brings wonderful memories xx

  20. Congrats Gill, isn't it amazing to get to the one year mark through such a turbulent year!! my little locket turns 1 this month too, I hadn't really thought about it *blush* What a lovely giftie prize pack, such gorgeous things! I love my earrings from you :D

  21. Wow, you truly have had 'one of those' years. But seeing how you have picked your self up after the earthquakes on gotten your business and your family back on track is truly amazing and to top it off your ceramic goods are so lovely and pretty, and your giveaway is full of amazing stuff ! I wish you a happy Christmas :)

    Tracy Lockyer

  22. Huge congratulations on what has been a busy and challenging year! I really love your ceramics and I will always cherish my Emerge 'red cross' bowl.
    Aroha nui and Merry Christmas,

    Leanne Barnes

  23. I love your products Gill, I first found you on Felt just by chance really and I am so glad I did! I truly admire how you remain so positive after what must have been a really tough year. Congratulations on your first birthday you are such a talent and I know you will prosper and continue to wow us with your wonderful work. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    Sam Ranwell

  24. I'm exhausted just reading your blog post! What a year you have had, may it only be the beginning of an amazing journey ahead for you!

    Debs Kidson

  25. Massive Congratulations to Katie O'Neill from CCC - and I just wish I had something to give to you all. And as I mentioned on my FB page, I'll be donating $1 for every entry to the CHCH Women's Refuge and so I've rounded it up to $60 :-) Thank you all so much xx Gill