Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hot off the Press!

Yikes, where did May go? Thought I'd better squeeze in a post this month before it ticks over to June 1st tomorow. I can't believe we are 1/2 way through the year, but I guess it has been kind of busy lately! I counted up that since February 22nd earthquake, I've had 12 markets... TWELVE! That's busy and wonderful all at the same time. Great for Christchurch that there has been such a creative scene. I've got 5 lined up for the rest of the year and there is another 5 or so to add to that! So if you are in Christchurch there are plenty more opportunities to get your handcrafted shopping fix!

In May the studio was humming as there were 3 markets that I attended, so I am taking a break from markets in June, to catch up on building up stock levels, an exciting commission { accounts / paper work - better put that in, incase my husband reads this } and working on wholesale orders - Yes, you read that right... I'm going to start wholesaling, just small to begin with. I've got a very long list of requests to supply to some wonderful stores, but I'm a one woman band, with 3 young kiddies and I do need to sleep ( contrary to popular belief that I don't need and sleep!).

So anyway - exciting news this week. Yesterday I was in the Christchurch Mail newspaper on page 4! The lovely Cate Broughton came over last week to interview me about my Emerge range, kind of like an update after my article in Zest Magazine ( 27 July 2011). It's been 10 months and I can't believe how much work I have packed into those months. Imagine what I could get done it this was Full time...!

I've also been contacted by TVNZ Breakfast show on TV1, and I'll be filmed next week (all going to plan) to be part of the reporters round up by Lacie Wilson. Pretty exciting to say the least.

I've also had fun making a new range of earrings and necklaces that I've called "Lovebirds" and to celebrate over 1100 likes on Facebook, I'm setting up a wee giveaway. Details will be posted in next few days.

Keep warm x Gill