Monday, January 30, 2012

Your perfect workspace competition...

I am so excited that I'm finally painting the studio. The ideal situation was to paint and decorate before moving in last year... but that just didn't happen. With 3 young kiddies, time isn't that spare these days. So I moved in and now I've moved out to paint! Don't worry I'm still making, just back inside the house!

My studio.

So to celebrate that its all GO here, I want to giveaway a pair of my NEW French postmark earrings and a $20 voucher to spend in my online shops or Total value $55.00 The earrings are hung from stirling silver hooks.

All you need to do is go to my Facebook page and write down what your dream studio/craft/work space would look like. Get your thinking caps on... I want details, colours, styles, furniture... (oh and if you want to include what you'd create I'd love to know!)

Then get your friends to LIKE and VOTE for your idea. The idea with the most likes will win!

I'll start here:

I love all things vintage & French, I love wooden antique cabinets and shelving. I like light and airy spaces, so warm whites or pale creams would be my choice in colours in my work environment. (altho I'd love to use Aqua or Turquoise colours I think I'll have to leave that more my next studio space with more windows to let the light in) I want great storage and organization, that also looks fab! I want to display my treasures to inspire me, like my antique woodblocks, little italian handmade leather journals, vintage key collections, antique blue ball mason jars... vases and jars of my dried poppy heads and bunches of bunny tails... and
all the other treasures and antiques I've collected in my creative journeys... Oh and I'd have french doors opening out onto a veranda ( yay I've got that bit!!)

So click here and get typing, then email your name/ address to MUDBIRD  so I can contact you if you are the lucky winner! Please put French giveaway in the subject line.

x Gill

p.s forgot to mention when it will close!! Get all your ideas and likes in by this coming weekend (5th February 2012.)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Day in the life of a pottering painter with 3 kids

Hello 2012!

Last weekend we got home after a FANTASTIC holiday - 7 sunny hot days of camping at Okains Bay. After getting through a week of 8 loads of sand filled washing, unpacking and getting back to ‘normal’ life, last night I decided on a whim to start painting the studio! Hard part is that it was filled with tables, cabinets, bags of clay and well… general studio stuff! So I hauled a few bits around and did the ‘cutting in’ paint work in the studio. With the French doors wide open I was joined by about a ton of mozzies, moths and other buzzing things. Hubby made it lovingly clear that he built the inside of it, so I get to decorate it…. On my own!

So today I decided to start undercoating the walls once baby was napping. All started off perfectly – drop clothes laid out, paint tray filled, new roller attached, studio packed up properly and most of the contents on and under the large trestle table in the middle with large drop cloth over it (don’t ask me to find anything!).

9 wall panels to paint! Each approx. 1.2m x 2.2m

My 5 & 7 year olds were playing nearby and happily occupied so it was now or never.

BEFORE with messy cutting in....

1st panel = carefully painted using the new roller, even smooth finish & coverage, up to standard! I’ve been painting rooms for 21 years so feel like I’ve got this one sorted!

2nd panel = same as above – it’s looking good folks. Sore wrists (old pain) but I’m powering through. The paint I am using is a new 3 in 1 paint, not my favourite but its doing the job! (actually its a bit like glue!)

3rd panel = enter 7 yr old daughter wanting to watch and ask LOTS of questions = result still looking great, although taking longer to paint. Not letting her anywhere near the walls or paint!

4th panel = 7yr old daughter wants to paint the wall with the small roller. I gingerly set her to work on panel 5 with the tiny roller and not much paint! With lots of interruptions and instructions, panel 4 stops and starts and not as perfect as others.

Helper # 1: Taking her job very seriously...

5th panel = Grandma W arrives to take 7yr old out, so enter 5yr old son who has been pleading to paint (baby still sleeping!!) He strips off, then dons his superman cape and works messily on panel 6 while I finish off panel 4…. And start panel 5. End result is a bit patchy but I try to fix it up with more paint. Meanwhile I try to save panel 6 from his artistic offerings. By this stage I’ve embraced the children’s ‘artwork’ and just try to keep the carpet covered. I think I’m making more mess due to being distracted.

Helper # 2: He nabbed the big roller when I went inside!

6th panel = needed to refill paint tray again, so check on baby. He is happily using his cot as a trampoline so time for lunch! (2pm ). Organise a smorgasbord of snacks & lunch and a drink, take high chair out to studio and plonk him in it by the French Doors. Start to paint panel 6, takes a looooong time with many, many interruptions. Can’t fix the dried lines from where I stopped/started the roller and had to entertain him. Also trying to stop his toy missiles landing in the paint tray. 5yr old going to town on panel 7, then takes off outside to ride his sisters pink bike in the yard. Panel 6 looking very sorry for itself.

Helper #3: Just being cute.

7th panel = Baby finished lunch and needs nappy changed. Do that inside then try to con him back outside with some toy animals as we practice animal sounds. "No, a cow says Moo, not Meow". Panel 7 has surprisingly been painted quite a lot by 5yr old son, with 2 different brushes and the big roller!! Argh, when did he get his hands on that?. Slap on a extra layer of paint and cover up the blotches. I was even distracted enough to do a few swipes on the peaked ceiling panels.. oh dear.. loosing it.

8th panel = its just undercoat right? No need to be tidy? The top coats cover all sins.

9th panel – hubby arrives home and I’m in a rush to get this finished so we can drive out to Sumner for Fish and chips in the sunshine. Surprisingly this panel looks half decent in the end… or maybe it’s due to the failing light and I can’t see it. Final verdict tomorrow when I tackle the ceiling… JOY!

After.. not a job I am proud of ;-) Top coats will fix all that... and they will be done ALONE!

*** Small flys and other flying insects were harmed in the painting of this studio ***