Sunday, February 5, 2012

Creative inspiration...

Through the French Doors

 Part of my creative process is inspiration, like most other artists I am sure. To help this process for me it is surrounding my work area with beautiful things... well, not completely surrounding, but a place I can glance to and feast my eyes upon these treasures.  Everyone has their own version of what a beautiful thing is, and some would just call it all clutter!

I have a love for nostalgia, for those items which have a history and can tell a story. I also love the quality of these old objects - modern day knockoffs can not compare to the materials or designs used in the past.  I've been fortunate to acquire some beautiful old things and I'm so excited that I have a place to put them now. Sadly my big old council cupboards have some serious liquefaction  & water damage, but they will be restored one day.

Here are a few photos of my things in my studio. Once my shelves are up I'll be putting more of my lovely finds out on display.

Christchurch City council draws/cupboards last used in the 1960's

"Press for Orpheus" Old Bakerlight intercom phone from the depths of Canterbury University.

Beautiful old Royal Typewriter

Library file draws from Canterbury

Details from inside one of the Council cupboards

You can see a '9' stenciled on under this paper sticker.
Sadly these paper numbers will have to be removed when the cabinet gets restored...
but the black stencil numbers will look great!


  1. So many lovely old things! Will have to pop round for the grand tour one day :)

  2. Thanks Julia - yes come over for a coffee!