Friday, August 10, 2012

Monsters, Milk Bottles & Mixers

Welcome to the first 'Friday Finds'
I really appreciate the support on my Facebook page, so I invited my lovely 'fans' to share their business pages. 
What a talented bunch!  I have really enjoyed looking thru all these pages and can't wait to spend more time looking... (and some serious shopping!)

Here are my top picks from some of these clever crafters, arty folk & purveyors of fine things. 

Gorgeous Ceramic bottles from Surrey Park.
I'd LOVE these in my kitchen!

Such a gorgeous range of fabric bags in Jacolily's Felt shop.

Gracious Plum from the UK makes these unique designs.

This little monster would be perfect for my William!

Joe has been making Bibbles Dribble Bibs for years! - such a brilliant design for bubs.
Love these Eco Bibs!

Who could resist one of these clever creations from Kids Lidz.

Cookware Essentials sells gorgeous things for your kitchen -
 I wonder if this would make me a better baker?  I love it!

Stacey from Art Out Loud creates these one off original paintings for you  - isn't she clever?

The Art Room makes these stunning limited edition prints and sells them on Felt.
 I love the idea of collecting & investing in something special for my children.

See you next week! x Gill


  1. Fabulous Friday finds :). Now I'm off to get a closer look at that gorgeous bag of Jacolily's !

  2. The Art Room prints are sweet – I also love their awesome little stamp set, so cute!

  3. I love those milk and cream jugs too!!