Monday, June 4, 2012

LoveBird Giveaway!

** Giveaway has closed now **
 Thank you for entering. Winner will be announced 18th June, 7pm.

I love to make new designs, I have so many ideas in my sketch book begging to be rolled out, cut, stamped or pressed, fired and glazed. And usually when I am supossed to be adding to my current stock, the new designs are born. ( That's when most creativity happens doesn't it?)

Over the last few weeks I have made a new Robot necklace design in Turquoise & Green (Which was a big hit with my 5yr old son!), tinkled with my '2012 Christmas Dove' decoration, made some Twinkling star earrings, a cute 'wall art' Horse, and started on a new range called 'LoveBird'. I've made necklaces and earrings with a impressed design of a pair of sweet birds, perching on a branch, into a 3D raised heart necklace and simple circular earrings, glazed in Red, Royal Blue, Turquoise & Distressed Eggshell Blue.

I thought it was time for a Mudbird giveaway for all you amazing supporters here and on Facebook, so when the number of 'likes' hit 1100 on my Facebook page I though it was the perfect time!

So... would you like to win a pair of my Lovebird Earrings or a Lovebird Necklace?

Head over to my Facebook tab, click here for the GIVEAWAY tab, enter your details and be in the draw.
Entries are open WORLDWIDE, so there is no excuse not to enter.

Entries closed 17th June 2012

Good Luck 

p.s Here is a photo of my cheeky boy (who is growing up far too fast for my liking) and his Robot necklace. He has been begging for me to make him something and I love it so much!

p.p.s Leave a comment here about your favourite colour in the LoveBirds range for an extra entry!


  1. The birds are just adorable and I think the Distressed Eggshell Blue would have to be my colour choice - Leigh Hamilton

  2. As usual I think any colour you do is ok Gill, just want to comment on your photo of your son in his necklace, it is so cool. Don't know if you planned the green shirt with the green robot and the green plant in the background, it is a good photo! Amanda J

    1. Thanks Amanda - no it wasn't planned - he just loves GREEN!

  3. I love the blue also.....its a lovely rich colour and would go with anything in the wardrobe!! Loving the robot necklace! The green is gorgeous.....just like the model :)

  4. I too am loving the eggshell blue although the red is a very close second for me.

    And I LOVE your sons robot necklace - its fab!

  5. What a gorgeous boy you have :) The royal blue bird is my fave.
    Kirsten Anderson/ The Garden Wenches

  6. I'm loving the royal blue earrings. But then again, I love all your products! Great gifts for all my friends and family. Julie

  7. well, it would have to be red red red !! love love love it all x thanks for being sooooo talented!roz scobie

  8. Blue or red as that would go with a lot of my wardrobe. Gree would make a great present. Love you stuff. Love the emerge cross. Mum will be thrilled. I also really admired the simple but effect packaging. Thanks.

  9. Beautiful creations, I think the turquoise and red are my fav's... but probably the turquoise wins by a hair. Keep creating, it's a pleasure to look at.

  10. distressed eggshell!!! it is stunning!